Ana Rita Alves


Ana Rita Alves holds a degree in Anthropology and a master's on Migrations, Inter-ethnicities and Transnationalism from the Faculty of Social and Human Sciences at the New University of Lisbon that she concluded with the thesis "Understanding Residential Segregation: The Special Re-housing Program and Anti-racism" (2013). She is a PhD student on Human Rights in Contemporary Societies at the Centre for Social Studies at the University of Coimbra, where she is concluding thesis project "Periphery as a Symptom in Contemporary Portugal". She is one of the 2020-2021 Black Studies Dissertation Scholar at the University of California Santa Barbara. She was a researcher in the projects "RAP - 'Race' and Africa in Portugal: a study on history textbooks" (2010-2011), "Atlantic Crossings: materiality, contemporary movements and policies of belonging" (2014-2015), "ExPERts - Making Sense of Planning Expertise: Housing Policy and the Role of Experts in the Special Rehousing Program (PER)" and "COMBAT - Combating racism in Portugal: an analysis of public policies and anti-discrimination law" (2016-2020). She is currently enrolled in the project "AFRO-PORT - Afro-descendance in Portugal: Sociability, Representations and Sociopolitical and Cultural Dynamics. A Study in the Lisbon Metropolitan Area" (2020-2021) and she is member of the advisory board of "(DE)OTHERING - Deconstructing Risk and Otherness: hegemonic scripts and counter-narratives on migrants/refugees and 'internal Others' in Portuguese and European mediascapes" (2020-2021). She is one of the founding members of "CHÃO - Atelier of Urban Anthropology", which develops collaborative work with the association and the inhabitants of the self-produced Neighborhood of Jamaika, in the Lisbon Metropolitan Area. In the past decade, she has been engaged in activism, producing critical academic knowledge on institutional racism and urban segregation and working with several grassroots movements of peripheral self-produced and rehousing neighborhoods, where the impact of systemic violence towards Black and ROMA populations, namely evictions and police brutality, is tremendous.

Latest Publications


Alves, Ana Rita (2021), Quando Ninguém Podia Ficar: Racismo, Habitação e Território. Lisboa: Tigre de Papel

Book Chapter

Alves, Ana Rita (2019), Um silêncio ensurdecedor: a resistência como memória impossível | Silence is a sound: resistance as an (im)possible memory, in Bruno Sena Martins, Ana Cristina Santos, Saskya Lopes (org.), As sociedades contemporâneas e os direitos humanos | Contemporary societies and human rights. Brasil: Editus

Article in Scientific journal

Alves, Ana Rita (2019), ""Para eles, nós não somos humanos!": habitação, território e a monitorização de violências racializadas em Portugal", Direito e Praxis, 10, 3, 2068-2096

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