Amit Singh


Amit is a Human rights researcher. He is a PhD student in Human Rights in Contemporary Societies at the Centre for Social Studies since 2017. Amit is also a research fellow at the Centre for the Study at Indian Langauges and Society, in India. In addition, he is a guest topic editor at FRONTIERS, research journal. His work is cited by the top professionals. Amit holds MSc. in Human rights and multiculturalism from University of Southeast Norway; M.A. in Human rights from Mahidol University,Thailand and M.A. in World History from Pondicherry University, India. Amit has done master thesis project on freedom of expression and religious intolerance in India. He was a fritt ord scholar, in Norway (; he also did another master thesis on Insecurity of legal status of Pakistani Ahmadiyya refugees in Thailand (funded by Mahidol university alumni association, and Community Resource Centre, Thailand). He is Editor-At-Large (Human rights) at the Different truths webzine, human rights columnist at The Oslo Times, and The Citizen. His recent book is, The Conflict of Freedom of Expression and Religion- A Case Study from India, 2018. Another publication is 'Mounting Discrimination Declining Hope- Dilemma of An Indian Muslim.' His human rights advocacy materials have been published in, 'Voice of Voiceless, May 2013, Vol.3, No.1. Amit has worked with the United Nations High Commissioner for Human Rights (Bangkok, Thailand) the United Nations Development Program (New Delhi, India), the National Human Rights Commission of India and Philippines. As a project coordinator of Universal Tolerance Organization, Norway, he has coordinated Global Tolerance Forum in 2015, on issue of Religious Extremism and fundamentalism. Amit has been invited to present his research paper in various national and international forums, including University of Massachusetts(USA), York University(Canada), the International Association on the Study of Forced Migration(India), Oslo University(Norway). His particular areas of interest are religious conflict, multiculturalism, refugees, torture, Caste discrimination, religious extremism, and freedom of expression. Amit was president of the International Students' Union at the University College of Southeast Norway, and Mr. Brand Ambassador at Mahidol University, Thailand. In November 2014, as a president of the International Students' Union at the University College of Southeast Norway, Amit led a campaign to support Right to Free Education in Norway- to protest the Norwegian government's attempt to charge education fees from non-EU students ( In Norway, Amit worked with Mohammad Mostafaei, an Iranian human rights lawyer and a political refugee working against religious extremism and juvenile death penalty in Iran. In Thailand, he interned with Asylum Access, advocated policy change for refugee's protection. In addition, working with Community Resources Centre in Thailand, Amit highlighted human rights violations of indigenous people's land exploitation by mining company. For his human rights activism, Amit was awarded REX global fellowship (, Jan Mitra human rights award, Human rights year of the crusader (2016) award. His article, 'How Tribals In Bastar Are Threatened By Police' was selected a top stories in 2017 by an Indian youth online magazine. He has done translation work for NGOs and documentary film makers working on human rights issues in India and Denmark. In 2018, Amit was invited by Professor Catarina Kinnvell, to work as a visiting researcher at Lund university. In 2012, Amit was invited to work as a research assistant by Dr. Barbara Harrell-Bond, Emerita Professor, Refugee Research Centre, University of Oxford. Amit hold membership of European Integration & the Global Political Economy Research Network, Columbia University, and Asia Pacific Refugee Rights Network, Thailand. He regularly has been invited as a speaker on human rights issues in India. He has contributed more than one hundred articles on human rights issue in national and international online news magazine. Amit's human rights activities has been covered by local, national and international media.

Latest Publications

Article in Scientific journal

Singh, Amit (2019), "Irony of Human Rights Discourse in India: Apartheid in Perspective", Cabo dos Trabalhos, Critical Perspectives for the 21st Century, 19, 1-8

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Singh, Amit (2018), Ahmadiyya Refugees in Thailand: Right to freedom from arbitrary detention and freedom of movement: A case study of Pakistani Ahmadiyya refugees. Novas Edições Acadêmicas

Article in Scientific journal

Singh, Amit (2018), "Conflict between Freedom of Expression and Religion in India-A Case Study", Social Sciences, 7, 7, 108