Governing Bodies

The Director since the foundation of the Centre, Boaventura de Sousa Santos, is responsible for coordinating all the research activities and for external representation.

The Scientific Board functions in plenary sessions composed of all PhD Associates, one representative from the team of non-PhD researchers, one representative from the team of post-doctoral researchers and one representative from the team of junior researchers, and in standing committee. The Standing Committee of the Scientific Board is composed of 25 PhD associates, including ex-officio and peer-elected members, a representative from the team of non-PhD researchers, one representative from the team of post-doctoral researchers and a representative from the team of junior researchers. The Scientific Board is currently presided over by Miguel Cardina, and vice-presidents are Bruno Sena Martins and Paula Duarte Lopes. The Scientific Board deliberates on all issues related to the research activities of CES, including the definition of criteria and priorities concerning the hiring of researchers.

The Executive Board, is composed of 3 full members, elected in a General Assembly, for a period of three years. Currently it consists of the following full members: António Sousa Ribeiro (Coordinator), Júlia Garraio, Licínia Simão. João Paulo Dias was appointed Executive Director. The Executive Board is responsible for implementing the guidelines determined by the General Assembly and the Scientific Board; for coordinating and overseeing the administrative and technical services of support to research (logistics, maintenance, accounting, administrative work, etc); and for submitting annual reports to the General Assembly.

The General Assembly of Researchers is composed of all researchers, and decides on the major guidelines of the Centre’s activities, discusses and approves the budget for each year, assesses the financial and activities reports presented by the Executive Board, and decides on the admission of new members. It is presided ex-officio by the Rector of the University of Coimbra, João Gabriel Silva, the vice-president is Cláudia Pato de Carvalho and the secretary is Susana Costa.

The Audit Committee is composed of three CES associates, President - Catarina Frade, Member - Ana Maria Seixas, Member - Sara Araújo. It monitors the implementation of the budget, delivers opinions on management instruments, examines the financial statements and delivers opinions on the annual financial report.