The Centre for Social Studies (CES) hosts a diversified number of PhD Programmes of the University of Coimbra which build on the synergies created by the excellence in research it develops. CES is usually recognized as a host institution of excellence, namely within the framework of PhD Scholarship applications to the Portuguese Science and Technology Foundation (FCT).

Students apply to the PhD Programmes with the University of Coimbra, enrolling as graduate students with the university, and are institutionally hosted at CES for the development of their PhD project, benefitting from an interdisciplinary, dynamic and internationalized academic environment, which combines advanced training with excellence in research in Social Sciences and Humanities. This research rests on three central dimensions: research-action, reflexive approach, and critical analysis committed to rendering visible assymetric power relations, as in the case of North-South relations.

All programmes include a first course year, close monitoring and support of each student’s scientific progression through research seminars, and privileged access to internationally renowned guest lecturers/researchers in the respective thematic areas.

Students also benefit from specific resources to support their activities, among which the North-South Library is crucial, and the PhD programmes’ electronic journal Cabo dos Trabalhos and the organization of a CES PhD Students’ Colloquium constitute two other structural examples.

Most programmes accept applications every second year.