Risk Sciences, as a research field, have gained, in the last years, an increasing visibility and institutionalization, mostly within international organizations, like UNESCO and the Council of Europe. The Doctoral Programme “Territory, Risk and Public Policies” is an advanced training programme aiming at the development of high scientific research skills and professional abilities within the scope of risk sciences. This is a programme designed to a diversified higher education public, from social sciences to natural and exact sciences and technologies, allowing an integrated perspective, and the quantification of communities and individuals’ resilience and resistance, based on the joint consideration of different uncertainties and on the selection of relevant variants to the assessment and perception of risk within human communities.

“Territory, Risk and Public Policies” is an inter-university programme, offered, in partnership, by the Centre for Social Studies (CES) and the Institute for Interdisciplinary Research (III) of the University of Coimbra, by the Institute of Geography and Land Planning (IGOT) and the Centre for Geographical Studies (CEG) of University of Lisbon and by the University of Aveiro.


To provide a strong scientific education in the different fields related to the issue of risk, within the scope of process modelling, land management and individuals and communities’ mobilization, as well of the design and implementation of public policies. This programme aims at the definition of basis and instruments of support to risk management policies, comprising, besides the structural measures and emergency systems, actions for the reduction of social vulnerability and regulatory instruments, considering the national legal and strategic framework, as well as European directives, and strategies and regulations from International Organizations. This programme will last 4 years.

"The excellency of the CES professors, as well as the wide and multicultural vision of the PhD Programme in Territory, Risk and Public Policies reinforced my critical reflection on urban and housing policies of social interest and on their relevance for territory management, risk governance and social production. [Joining this programme] constituted the turning point and of internationalization of my academic and professional path."

Ana Mafalda Rodrigues, all but dissertation (Portugal)