Filipe Santos


Filipe Santos has a Ph.D. in Sociology by the Institute for the Social Sciences of the University of Minho (2015). Presently, he is a post-doctoral researcher in the project "EXCHANGE - Forensic geneticists and the transnational exchange of DNA data in the EU: Engaging science with social control, citizenship and democracy", financed by the European Research Council (ref: 648608) and hosted at the Centre for Social Studies. Author and co-auhtor of several publications, his research interests are focused on the intersections between criminal justice and forensic genetics, privileging theoretical approaches from the science, technology and society studies.

Latest Publications

Book Chapter

Machado, Helena; Samorinha, Catarina; Santos, Filipe (2017), Genes maus, genes bons: Rumos da justiça personalizada e desafios à cidadania, in Helena Machado (org.), Genética e cidadania. Porto: Afrontamento, 15-34

Book Chapter

Santos, Filipe; Costa, Susana; Richter, Vítor (2017), O banco de dados genéticos no Brasil: Os desafios operacionais e legais de um processo de modernização, in Claudia Fonseca; Glaucia Maricato; Larissa Duarte; Lucas Besen (org.), Ciência, medicina e perícia nas tecnologias de governo. Porto Alegre: CEGOV, 130-150

Article in Scientific journal

Santos, Filipe; Machado, Helena (2017), "Patterns of exchange of forensic DNA data in the European Union through the Prüm system", Science & Justice, 57, 4, 307-313

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