Susana de Noronha


Susana de Noronha is an anthropologist and a postdoctoral researcher at the Centre for Social Studies (Science, Economy and Society Research Group - NECES), with a MA and a PhD (summa cum laude) in sociology of culture, University of Coimbra, Portugal. Author of the award-winning book - A Tinta, a Mariposa e a Metástase: a arte como experiência, conhecimento e acção sobre o cancro de mama [Paint, Mariposas and Metastasis: art as experience, knowledge and action on breast cancer] published in 2009 by Afrontamento. Her second book, Objects Made of Cancer: material culture and illness on women's art stories, was published by Almedina/CES in 2015. She is developing the third part of a research trilogy (2013-2019) about the continuities that exist between art, material culture and cancer, her working field since 2005. Her current research project has been awarded a postdoctoral grant by the Portuguese Foundation for Science and Technology, giving continuity to the previous MA and PhD grants. Winner ex aequo of the 2007 "CES award for young social scientists from countries having portuguese as the official language" and of the "Bernardino Machado Award 2003" for the student with the highest final ranking in Anthropology. She is also a lyricist, with work published in three albums, one EP and four compilations. RESEARCH INTERESTS: Anthropology of art and material culture; Social studies of health and illness; Women Studies

Latest Publications


Noronha, Susana de (2015), Objetos Feitos de Cancro: mulheres, cultura material e doença nas estórias da arte. Coimbra: Almedina (Coleção CES-Almedina)

Book Chapter

Noronha, Susana de (2015), Metástases de um texto antropológico escrito entre mulheres, arte(s) e cancros da mama, in Clara Sarmento; Carlota Moreira (org.), Semióticas da Comunicação Intercultural. Porto: Afrontamento

Article in Scientific journal

Noronha, Susana de (2013), "Mulheres em morte-cor: os objetos que fazem e desfazem corpos e cancros metastáticos", Saúde & Tecnologia - ESTeSL, Suplemento - Julho