Rui Namorado


Rui Namorado holds a degree in Law through the School of Law, University of Coimbra and a Masters in Juridical-Business Sciences through the same School. Obtained his Doctoral Degree in Economic Law at the School of Economics, University of Coimbra. Being a scholar at the same School since 1979, Rui Namorado is presently Associate Professor as well as member of the Scientific Board of the School of Economics and Coordinator of the respective Centre for Cooperative and Social Econoy Studies. Since 1987, Rui Namorado is a researcher at the Centre for Social Studies. Member of Rede Portuguesa de Formação para o Terceiro Sector [Portuguese Network for Third Sector Training] since 1996, having been successively re-elected as President of its Directive Committee, since 1999. Since 2004 is member of the "Scientific Commission for Social and Cooperative Economy of CIRIEC- International". Integrates, since 2005 , the Editorial Board of the journal "Estudos de Direito Cooperativo e Cidadania", published by the School of Law , Federal University of Parana (Brazil). Member, since 2006, of the Advisory Board of REVESCO (Revista de Estúdios Cooperativos), published by the Complutense University of Madrid. Member of the International Association for Cooperative Law, Portuguese Association of Writers and the Portuguese Association of Jurist Writers. Was member of the National Board of Education from 2000 to 2002. Member of the Portuguese Parliament, through the Socialist Party, from 1995 to 1999. Integrated the Editorial Board of the journal "Vértice", from 1964 to 1975.

Latest Publications

Capítulo em Livro

Namorado, Rui (2014), Portugal (Cooperative Law), in Dante Cracogna, Antonio Fici, Hagen Henrÿ (org.), International Handbook of Cooperative Law. Heidelberg: Springer, 635-652


Namorado, Rui (2013), O Essencial Sobre Cooperativas. Lisboa: Imprensa Nacional


Namorado, Rui (2013), O Mistério do Cooperativismo. Coimbra: Almedina