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"Strategies for food justice in Portugal: debate ahead of the UN Food Systems Summit" was a workshops that took place on the 14th of October and joined together peasant, rural women and immigrant farmworker organizations in order to assess the structural obstacles to food justice in the Portuguese food system; and to spark a conversation about the local and international strategies needed to address them.

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"Raportarea României la strategiile UE în agricultură" was a workshop that took place on the 13th of October to identify solutions for a future agriculture that supports peasants, small producers and rural workers (representing the majority of people involved in agriculture in Romania) through public policies at national and EU level, in the context of the current CAP reform. The discussion focused on the most important public policy processes in the EU, namely: 1) From Farm to Fork; 2) European Green Pact (Green Deal); 3) Common Agricultural Policy (CAP) - National Strategic Plan.

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[April 2020]

"Pandemic Ontologies of Isolation" is the most recent contribution by Irina Velicu in collaboration with researcher António Carvalho, coordinator of the TROPO project.

"Whoever does not have Peasants, Should find Them: The Food Injustice of Pandemics", is one of the contributions of JustFood team to understanding the role, and potential, of alternative food networks in the face of pandemic situations whose origins are associated with forms of food production.

"Within and beyond the pandemic. Demanding a Care Income and a feminist Green New Deal for Europe." is the most recent contribution by researcher Stefania Barca to the understanding of the COVID-19 crisis from a feminist perspective and the urgency of a European "Green New Deal."

Contributions can be read on the 'Undisciplined Environments' blog made up of a group of academics and activists committed to an emancipatory social and ecological transformation.