Resource Centre for Stress in a Military Context (CRSCM)
Project promoted by the Portuguese Ministry of National Defence (DGRDN), in which the OT is responsible for the clinical area

In 2018, the Resource Centre for Stress in a Military Context (CRSCM) was created, consolidated in the status of Former Combatant on 20 August 2020, by Decree-Law No. 46/2020. The CRSCM "was created based on a multidisciplinary perspective covering the medical, psychological, social and political-legal areas, with the aim of collecting, organising, producing and disseminating dispersed knowledge on the theme of stress in a military context" (CRSCM, 2020). In order to achieve the listed objectives, different universities and study centres were called to participate in the project, with teams responsible for different areas of knowledge, which articulated among themselves the development of a common work plan, divided according to the different areas of action.

The Trauma Observatory/CES has been part of the CRSCM since its creation in 2018. It was responsible for working in the clinical area of the project. The team, currently formed by the coordinator, the psychiatrist Luísa Sales, and the researchers Joana P. Becker and Camila Borges, has been dedicated to understanding and proposing practices of prevention, treatment and rehabilitation of pathological conditions resulting from the impact of stress factors during military life.

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