Pool of Therapists

The Pool of Therapists consists of a structured clinical response network within the scope of trauma, which includes technicians who fulfil the following minimum criteria: proven training in psychotherapy and/or psychopharmacology; proven training in therapeutic intervention within the scope of psychological trauma and having been a trainer or having completed one of the editions of the Psychotraumatology course of the Trauma Observatory (OT). The integration in this network depends on the compliance of these criteria and on the expression of interest addressed to the OT. The list of therapists and respective professional contacts will be provided by the Trauma Observatory to those who request guidance on therapeutic counselling.



Psychosocial helpline. A service for advice and clarification of doubts, provided by telephone or email, aimed at technicians and professionals who have to deal directly or indirectly with potentially traumatic situations. We will also remain available to provide specific guidance or to perform triage and referral functions to those who contact us following such situations.


traumasos@ces.uc.pt 926 562 085

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