The Observatory

The Trauma Observatory (OT) promotes reflections on the notion of trauma from three areas of knowledge: psychotraumatology, media and memory studies. With an interdisciplinary perspective, OT focuses primarily on:

  • The dissemination of effective strategies in the prevention and intervention in psychological trauma in situations of crisis, disaster and catastrophe.
  • In the reconsideration of the concept of trauma in the light of empirical contexts, theoretical formulations and axes of analysis of Memory and Media Studies taking into account moments that represented potentially traumatic intersections, as well as the multiple legacies of violence, suffering and resistance.
  • In collaboration with institutions involved in reflection and/or action on trauma, proposing to be a forum for debate, exchange and training.

The Trauma Observatory is a member of the European Society For Traumatic Stress Studies (ESTSS) and integrates its Board of Directors.



The Observatory is composed by the researchers that integrate its team, the associated members and any protocoled partnerships and networks.

Become an associate member of the Observatory of Trauma and benefit from the following conditions:

  • Direct membership in the European Society for Traumatic Stress Studies (ESTSS), with all the benefits that this association confers, such as access to a wide network of professionals in Psychotraumatology, discounts on scientific meetings organized by ESTSS and on the subscription of the European Journal of Psychotraumatology (EJPT), as well as the possibility of participating in the ESTSS working groups.
  • Privileged access to a wide network of debate on the notion of trauma, involving professionals from different disciplinary areas of research and training.


How can I become an associate?

To become a member of the Trauma observatory you should fill out the following online membership form and pay the annual fee (which can be revised and updated).

Members that integrate partner entities are subject to the payment of an individual annual fee of 17 euros. Other individual members are subject to an annual membership fee of 27 euros.

Admission Form
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