CES Summer School

Artistic Practises as action-research methodology in contexts of human rights violations

June 24 to 28, 2024

CES | Alta


The Summer School “Artistic Practises as an action-research methodology in contexts of human rights violations. Practical application with Social and Humanitarian Intervention professionals” aims to promote a space for learning and sharing knowledges from artistic practises applied in areas where human dignity strategies are needed. The search for a methodology that allows a greater understanding of the reasons for human rights violations is materialised in the arts through action research as an experiential space for practical analysis. Critical theory with a focus on Human Rights has made it possible to reflect on the importance of people’s active involvement in the processes of dignity, as well as the exploration of strategies of resistance and confrontation against the violation of rights in plural and heterogeneous societies. Hence, the inference of the arts and their implication in the development of human rights through an interdisciplinary perspective that combines the experiences of people and the knowledge of professionals in the advancement of more democratic and egalitarian societies.

Using an innovative approach, this Summer School aims to set up a space for the sharing of artistic practises as a creative methodology for action-research with NGO professionals working with people in vulnerable contexts to open up paths and possibilities for social innovation. The experience of the “Transdisciplinary artistic research laboratory. Artistic practises and social and human sciences” carried out as part of the CES Summer School programme in July 2023 enabled us to corroborate the importance of the arts in the development of social scientific knowledge. This proposal takes a step forward in applying this methodology in professional social science contexts focused on social and humanitarian intervention. This is why it is aimed above all at NGO technical professionals (Social Workers, Psychologists, Educators and Monitors, Social and Humanitarian Intervention technicians in general) who want to acquire innovative and valuable techniques and methods in the different areas of intervention that they develop. Based on an interdisciplinary, collaborative and participatory methodology, we are betting on a practical scheme based on the case studies that the professionals will present and other examples where concrete situations affecting social and humanitarian intervention work are presented.

Cláudia Pato de Carvalho, CES
Manuel Muñoz Bellerin, CES

- Pablo de Olavide University, Seville
- Centre for Social Studies, University of Coimbra
- NGOs, city of Seville
- NGOs, city of Coimbra

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