CES Summer School

Racism, Eurocentrism and Political Struggles [4th edition]

September 3 to 8, 2018

CES | Alta (Coimbra, PT)


This Summer School addresses debates and contemporary struggles against racism and Eurocentrism at three levels: in the production of knowledge, public policy and grassroots movements. Its main objectives are: a) to discuss the Eurocentric knowledge production of the history of (anti-)colonialism, enslavement and racism, through the questioning of concepts and dominant approaches in the political and academic world; b) to discuss key concepts for understanding complex political processes (in particular, racial state, violence, nation, citizenship); c) to present a variety of research cases in different international contexts and with different disciplinary approaches (Sociology, History, Philosophy, Political Economy, Geography); d) to promote a critical analysis of public policies for integration and for combating discrimination; e) to engage in dialogue with the alternatives that have been proposed by grassroots movements in challenging Eurocentric knowledge production and dissemination, including the presentation of initiatives in the context of informal education and education through arts.

The School aims to promote a dialogue between the production of knowledge in academia and grassroots movements, considering the power relations and political struggles that condition this dialogue and the possible articulations between the two areas.

Thematic area(s) of the course Eurocentrism, knowledge production, (anti-)racism, grassroots movements

Target participants: Graduate students in social sciences and humanities, political activists and members of NGOs in the field of anti-racism and human rights, school teachers in the fields of Sociology, History and Geography, journalists.

Coordinators: Silva Rodríguez Maeso and Marta Araújo


Amílcar Pereira (Universidade Federal de Rio de Janeiro)
Anabela Rodrigues (AMI-AFRO Laboratory, GTO-LX)
Bruno Gonçalves (ROMED and SOS Racismo)
Cayetano Fernández (CES)
Cristina Roldão (Instituto Politécnico de Setúbal)
Katy P. Sian (University of York)
Kwame Nimako (Black Europe Summer School)
Mamadou Ba (SOS Racismo)
Mario Espinoza Pino (Instituto DM – Democracia y Municipalismo) 
Marta Araújo (CES)
Shirley-Anne Tate (Leeds Beckett University)
Silvia Rodríguez Maeso (CES)
Youssef Boussoumah (Partie des Indigènes de la République)

Fees: Early registration (until 20 August, 2018): 300€; Regular registration (after 21 August, 2018): 400€

Language: English and Portuguese

Maximum and minimum number of participants: 25 and 10 students, respectively.

Funding: Portuguese Foundation for Science and Technology – FCT and co-funded by the European Fund for Regional Development (FEDER) through the COMPETE 2020 operational program – PTDC/IVC-SOC/1209/2014 – POCI-01-0145-FEDER-016806.


Morning Sessions: 10am-13pm

Afternoon Sessions: 14:30-17:30pm


Monday, 3 September
Eurocentrism and the understanding of race/racism
From the prejudice paradigm to the immigrant imaginary: political and academic understandings of (anti-) racism | Marta Araújo (CES)
The critique of Eurocentrism | Silvia R. Maeso (CES)

Tuesday, 4 September
Cultures of scholarship and the politics of memorialisation
The memoralisation of racial slavery | Kwame Nimako (Founder and Director of the Black Europe Summer School, Amsterdam)
The two souls of Romani scholars and the white criteria of scholarship| Cayetano Fernández (Junior researcher, PhD candidate, CES)

Wednesday, 5 September
Racism, knowledge production and education
Anti-racist struggles and the production of history of black people in Brazil | Amílcar Araújo (Federal University of Rio de Janeiro)
How do you feel? Well-being and racialized unvoiceability regimes in UK universities | Shirley-Anne Tate (Leeds Beckett University)

Thursday, 6 September
Institutional racism, Islamophobia and decolonial strategies
Online hate: Understanding contemporary forms of Islamophobia | Katy P. Sian (University of York)
Political anti-racism, anti-Zionism and decolonial struggles | Youssef Boussoumah (Party of the Indigenous of the Republic)

Friday, 7 September
Race, State and Violence
State violence and racism in Spain: from the logics of borderisation to punishment | Mario Espinoza Pino (Institute for Democracy and Municipalism – Instituto DM)
A performance by the Theatre of the Oppressed Lisbon | Ami-Afro Laboratory of GTO-LX

Saturday, 8 September
Grassroots movements, political conscientisation and anti-racism
Bruno Gonçalves (ROMED and SOS Racismo)
Cristina Roldão (Instituto Politécnico de Setúbal)
Anabela Rodrigues (AMI-AFRO Laboratory, GTO-LX)
Mamadou Ba (SOS Racismo)


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