CES Summer School

Crime and/in Society: Rule of Law and Exception (2nd edition)

September 7 to 11, 2015



Law and/in Society (2nd edition)



This course, organized by Centre for Social Studies in collaboration with the PhD program in “Law, Justice and Citizenship in the 21st century”, is intended to be a theoretical, epistemological, methodological and interdisciplinary dialogue on a plurality of perspectives and experiences of law, justice and citizenship lived in various geographies. After the first edition “Law and/in Society – Access to Law and Justice”, in this second edition the course aggregates lectures, debates and a study visit on a common theme "Crime and/in Society: Rule of Law and Exception", in an interdisciplinary, broad and innovative perspective.

Divided in 5 modules, this course aims to promote the analysis and debate within the common theme through a plurality of theoretical and empirical reflections on the theoretical perspectives of crime in society, the Rule of Law, the exception and the temptation of the “penal rule”, and the relation between human rights and crime, with a specific focus on in the relations between immigration and crime, human trafficking and gender violence.

The course will have three daily sessions of two hours each. In the last day of the course, there will be thematic workshops, followed by a final discussion with participation of teachers and participants.

Organizing Commitee
Andreia Santos, João Pedroso, Maria João Guia, and Paula Casaleiro (CES)

Scientific Commitee
António Casimiro Ferreira (CES/FEUC), and João Pedroso (CES/FEUC)

3 daily sessions (9h30; 11h30 and 15h) of two hours.

Graduate students in law and social sciences and legal professionals and interested in forensic sciences and others with interest to analyse and discuss the relationship between Law and Society, justice and citizenship, a critical perspective and interdisciplinary, to extend and improve the quality of public debate on law and justice.

Minimum: 15 students


Regular fee
: 150 euros;
Student fee: 75 euros

We admit a short number of registration by module:
Regular fee: 30 euros;
Student fee: 15 euros

Limits to Registration: 3rd september 2015

Working languages Portuguese and English (we will distribute materials of support and/or partial translations of the English sessions)

Participants will receive a certificate of a 30 hours course




Monday (7/09)
Session 1 – Crime and Society: theoretical perspectives

9h30 – 13h30
Presentation of the Summer Course and of the Participants
Dario Melossi (University of Bolonha, Italy)
Gorazd Mesko (University of Maribor, Slovenia)

15h00 -17h00
Vera Duarte (University Institute of Maia, Portugal)

Tuesday (8/09)
Session 2 – Rule of Law, Exception and the temptation of the “Penal Rule”

9h30 – 13h30
Wanda Capeller (Sciences-Po, France)
António Casimiro Ferreira (CES/FEUC)

15h00 - 17h00
Renata Costa (UNILASALLE, Brazil)
Germano Schwartz (UNILASALLE, Brazil)

Wednesday (9/09)
Session 3 – Crime and Society: trafficking in human beings and gender violence

9h30 – 13h30
Marcelo Aebi (University of Lausanne Switzerland)
Madalena Duarte (CES/FEUC)

15h00 – 17h00
Roundtable discussion with activits
Representant of Portuguese Association for the Support of Victims (APAV)
Representant of The Observatory of Human Trafficking (Rita Penedo)

Thursday (10/09)
Session 4 – Crime and Society: Immigration and Crime

9h30 – 13h30
José Ángel Brandariz García ((University of Corunha, Spain)
Maria João Guia (CES/UC - CINETS)

15h00 – 17h00
Thematic Workshops

Friday (11/09)
Session 5 – Crime, Society and Human Rights

9h30 – 13h30
Roundtable discussion with the Professors:
João Pedroso (CES/FEUC)
Gorazd Mesko (University of Maribor, Slovenia)
Vera Duarte (University Institute of Maia, Portugal)
Wanda Capeller (Sciences-Po, France)
António Casimiro Ferreira (CES/FEUC)
Madalena Duarte (CES/FEUC)*
José Ángel Brandariz García (University of Corunha)*
Maria João Guia (CES/UC - CINETS)

15h00 – 17h00
Thematic Workshops – session 3, 4 and 5

* Presence to be confirmed

Presentation Programme