Pablo Gilolmo Lobo

Nota biográfica

Formed as an historian and archaeologist, I am currently a PhD Student in the Human Rights in Contemporary Societies programme at the Center for Social Studies (Coímbra). I stayed 2 years in Namibia doing a Masters in Geogaphy, leading to a MA thesis on the Namibian land reform, covering topics related to redistribution, communal governance, as well as compared environmental degradation between private and communal lands. Current research interests include privatization of communal lands in Southern Africa, the land and agrarian questions, agroecological transitions and political ecology.

Últimas Publicações

Artigo em Revista Científica

Baventura Monjane; Javier García Fernández; Gilolmo Lobo, Pablo (2016), "Las Luchas Campesinas en el Siglo XXI", Pueblos. Revista de Información y Dbate,, 72

Artigo em Revista Científica

Gilolmo Lobo, Pablo (2014), "Los Colores de la Tierra. Permanencia y Discontinuidades del Apartheid en Namibia", Ecología Política, 48, 83-86