Ceren Akyos



Born in Turkey,1986. Sociologist, urban planner and activist. BA degree in Sociology department, Galatasaray University and MA in 4 Cities Euromasters,Urban Studies program. She has been involved with the squatters' movement, especially in Spain and Denmark. Has been an active member of various self-managed centers, squats and communities. Areas of interest; Global Justice Movements, Okupation, Autonomous / Self-managed Collective Organizations, Commons, Counter-hegemonic Struggles Her academic and personal trajectory has been driven by the urgency to address diverse ways of existing and giving meaning to the world that challenge the patriarchal, colonialist and capitalist domination. Currently she is working on her PhD project, focused on the socio-political proposal set forth by the Kurdish Liberation Movement, entitled "The Kurdish Liberation Struggle Building Up Place-Based Alternatives For an Anti-Hegemonic Resistance", funded by FCT.

Latest Publications

Book Chapter

Akyos, Ceren; Danış, Didem (2011), Küreselleşme ve Kent [Globalization and the City], in Didem Danış (org.), Küreselleşme ve Demokrasi. Küreselleşmenin Farklı Yüzleri [Globalization and Democracy. Different Facets of Globalization]. Istanbul: Dipnot Yayınlar: Özgür Adadağ&Cemil Yıldızcan, 139-183