Scientific Events

Organisation of scientific events

Member of the Organizing Committee of Colonialismo Português em Perspetiva: História, Legados e Memórias, Coimbra, 12 to 12 November by 2019 (com Rodrigues, Inês Nascimento; Monteiro, José Pedro; Martins, Vasco ).

Member of the Organizing Committee of Mesa Redonda: "A questão colonial na sociedade portuguesa: histórias, memórias e legados", Coimbra, 18 to 18 March by 2019 (com Jerónimo, Miguel Bandeira Monteiro, José Pedro).

Member of the Organizing Committee of Public memory of slavery and reparations: an international debate with a long and current history (Lecture by Ana Lúcia Araújo), Coimbra, 18 to 18 March by 2019 (com Jerónimo, Miguel Bandeira Monteiro, José Pedro).

Member of the Organizing Committee of International workshop: Internationalism and empire: Rethinking the politics of twentieth century, Lisbon, Institute of Social Sciences, Portugal, 29 to 30 May by 2015 (com Jerónimo, Miguel Bandeira Monteiro, José Pedro).

Presentations in scientific events

Monteiro, José Pedro (2020), "Between exception and universality: international organizations, Portuguese colonial social policies and global decolonization", paper presented at Worlds of Social Policies: Local and Global Dimensions of Change Since 1945, Lisboa, 05 to 06 February.

Monteiro, José Pedro (2020), "Portuguese Late Colonialism and the International Debates on Forced Labour", paper presented at Seminar of Department of Spanish and Portuguese - Ohio State University, Columbus, 17 to 17 January.

Monteiro, José Pedro (2019), "Internationalism, Colonialism and "Native" Labour: the "moral duty to work" and the Portuguese Struggle for Imperial Legitimacy Abroad (1945-1965)", paper presented at ILO Regulating Decent Work Conference,, Genéve, 08 to 10 July.

Monteiro, José Pedro (2019), "Challenging Imperial Clauses: ILO and the question of "native" labour (1919-1962)", paper presented at Justice Sociale et Travail Décent: l'Organisation Internationale du Travail en Action depuis 100 ans, Paris, 25 June 27 January.

Monteiro, José Pedro (2019), "Labour and labour policies in late colonialism", paper presented at Living Independencies: Experiences, Conflict, and Opposition in Decolonised African Societies, 1960-1990, Paúl, Cabo Verde, 24 August 25 September.

Monteiro, José Pedro (2018), ""'The least irresponsible organization': the Portuguese colonial question at the International Labour Organization (1944-1963)", paper presented at Civiliser, Aider, Développer: coopérations, savoirs et interventions internationales dans les pays du sud (XXe siècle), Lausanne, 23 to 23 November.

Jerónimo, Miguel Bandeira; Monteiro, José Pedro (2018), ""'Colonialism on trial': international and transnational challenges to the Portuguese colonial empire (1955)", paper presented at Challenging the Liberal World Order: The History of Global South, Decolonization and the United Nations, 1955-2000, Leiden, 08 to 09 May.

Monteiro, José Pedro (2017), "Toiling Decolonization: the international and transnational dynamics of social and labour debates in late colonialism (1945-1962)", paper presented at 2nd Conference of the European Labour History Network, Paris, 03 to 03 November.

Monteiro, José Pedro (2016), "The International Dimensions of resistance: Portuguese colonial labour policies and its critics abroad (1953-1962)", paper presented at Resistance and Empire: New Approaches and Comparisons, Lisboa, 27 to 29 June.

Jerónimo, Miguel Bandeira; Monteiro, José Pedro (2015), "Labour on the move: internationalism and colonialism in Southern Africa", paper presented at A Luta Continua, 40 years Later: Entangled Histories and Legacies of Empire in Southern Africa, Johannesburg, 05 to 06 November.

Monteiro, José Pedro (2015), "As políticas laborais enquanto objecto de contestação imperial: redes e circuitos internacionais e transacionais", paper presented at Casa dos Estudantes do Império: histórias, memórias e legados, Lisboa, 22 to 25 May.

Monteiro, José Pedro (2015), "The International Labor Organization's Role in Colonial Labor Reform within the Portuguese and British Empires, 1945-63", paper presented at 129th meeting of the American Historical Association, New York, 02 to 05 January.

Jerónimo, Miguel Bandeira; Monteiro, José Pedro (2014), "'Reforming Empire?' International Institutions and the Evolution of the Portuguese Native Labour System (1875-1975)", paper presented at Work and Compulsion: Coerced Labour in Domestic, Service, Agricultural, Factory and Sex Work, ca 1850-2000, Linz, 25 to 28 September.

Jerónimo, Miguel Bandeira; Monteiro, José Pedro (2013), "Internationalism and Empire: The Question of Native Labor in the Portuguese Empire (1929­1962)", paper presented at From the League of Nations to the United Nations: New Approaches to International Institutions, Florence, 21 to 23 March.