José Pedro Monteiro


José Pedro Monteiro is a junior researcher at CES. He got his Phd degree at the Institute of Social Sciences - University of Lisbon with the dissertation "A internacionalização da questão laboral 'indígena' no império colonial português (1944-1962)" [The internationalization of the 'native' labour question in the Portuguese colonial empire (1944-1962)" within the Inter-Universitary Doctoral Program in History (PIUDHist). He holds a BA in International Relations from Minho University and an MA in Political Science and International Relations from Faculty of Social and Human Sciences - New University of Lisbon. His main research interests are the interconnections between internationalism and imperialism in the twentieth century, the internationalization of debates on political and social topics regarding late colonialism and the ongoing debates on the histories of human rights.

Latest Publications


Bandeira Jerónimo, Miguel; Monteiro, José Pedro (2020), História(s) do Presente: Os Mundos que o Passado nos Deixou. Lisboa: Tinta-da-China/Público


Dores, Hugo Gonçalves; Jerónimo, Miguel Bandeira; Monteiro, José Pedro (2019), 1890. . Portugal, Um Retrospectiva. Lisboa: Tinta da China/Público

Book Chapter

Monteiro, José Pedro (2019), The International Dimensions of Resistance: Portugal Colonial Labour Policies and its Critics Abroad (1944-1962), in Nuno Domingos, Miguel Bandeira Jerónimo, Ricardo Roque (org.), Resistance and Colonialism: Insurgent Peoples in World History. Basingstoke: Palgrave Macmillan, 313-337