José Castro Caldas


José Maria Castro Caldas is a researcher at CES. Is a member of the of the research group on Science, Economy and Society, of the Observatory on Crisis and Alternatives and of the Risk Observatory. He was previously assistant professor at the Economics Department of ISCTE and researcher at DINÂMIA He graduated in Economics and concluded a Master in Mathematics Applied to Economics and Management at ISEG and a PhD in Economics at ISCTE. His present main research interests include; personal and collective deliberation, institutional economics and the history of economics. He authored "Economia(s)" (with Francisco Louçã, Afrontamento, 2009) and "Escolha e Instituições - Análise Económica e Simulação Multiagentes" (Celta, 2001) e articles published in Revue de la Regulation, Journal of Economic Issues, The Journal of Artificial Societies and Social Simulation, Economics of Innovation and New Technology, Revista Crítica de Ciência Sociais and Cambridge Journal of Economics.

Latest Publications

Book Chapter

Caldas, José Castro (2019), Deepening Financialization Within the EU: Consequences for Pension Regimes, in Nazaré, da Costa Cabral, Cunha Rodrigues, Nuno (org.), The Future of Pension Plans in the EU Internal Market Coping with Trade-Offs Between Social Rights and Capital Markets. Springer, 199-218

Article in Scientific journal

Caldas, José Castro (2018), "Fabricating consent for na 'adjustment programme': Crisis narratives of economic journalists in Portugal", Journal of Greek Media & Culture, 4, 1, 27-43

Book Chapter

Carvalho da Silva, Manuel; Hespanha, Pedro; Teles, Nuno; Castro Caldas, José (2017), Trabalho e políticas de emprego: passado com lastro, presente conturbado e futuro indeterminado, in Manuel Carvalho da Silva, Pedro Hespanha e José Castro Caldas (org.), Trabalho e Políticas de Emprego. Um retrocessp evitável. Coimbra: Conjuntura Atual, 15 - 34