Patrícia Ferreira


Patrícia Ferreira holds a degree in Biology and a master in Science Communication. She has professional experience as communication specialist in health and development projects and in educational publishing. Since May 2012, she is a junior research fellow in the "Science, Economy and Society" research group at the Centre for Social Studies (University of Coimbra, Portugal) and has worked in research projects on public health, life sciences and public engagement with science and technology. Currently, she is a PhD candidate of the doctoral program "Governance, Knowledge and Innovation" at the same institution. Her field of research focuses on the development of new perspectives on knowledge production and communication practices on food,health and society. Other research interests: science and society studies, social studies of health and medicine, critical studies in global health communication.

Latest Publications

Article in Scientific journal

Souza, Claudia; Ferreira, Patrícia; Gouvêa, Maria; Teixeira, Maria; Guimarães, Ana; Lino, Odilio (2019), "Compartilhando saberes sobre alimentação saudável entre promotores da saúde comunitária: contribuições para uma visão ampliada da promoção da saúde.", ENSINO, SAÚDE E AMBIENTE, 11, 3


Serra, Rita; Ferreira, Patrícia (2017), Governação comunitária de florestas para crianças: kit pedagógico. Coimbra: CES

Book Chapter

Serra, Rita; Ferreira, Patrícia; Skulska, Iryna; Alavez-Vargas, Mayrén; Salgado, Anailton; Nunes, João Arriscado; Garcia-Barrios, Raúl (2016), Education for Sustainability in the Context of Community Forestry, in P. Castro et al (org.), World Sustainability Series. Biodiversity and Education for Sustainable Development. Springer Nature, 169-183

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