Marco Meloni


Marco Meloni, (gender: male). He is a Ph.D. student of Democracy in the XXI Century at Center for Social Studies (CES), associated to Faculdade de Economia da Universidade de Coimbra (FEUC). He graduated from the University of Cagliari in 2015 with Master degree in Governance and Global Politics (International Relations). During his professional career, he works as project manager and trainers in several projects funded by the European Union, in the framework of the programmes Erasmus+, Youth in Action, Leonardo and Europe for Citizens, and in projects at local level, mostly on education and gamification for democracy, participation and inclusion, based on Non-formal education within online and offline processes. From November 2016, he collaborates with Participedia network and EMPATIA Project - Enabling Multichannel PArticipation Through ICT Adaptations, funded by Horizon 2020 EU programme, Call: ICT-2015/H2020-ICT-201, grant agreement n. 687920, and from January to September 2017 he had a contract of Junior Researcher. From October 2017, he is a winner beneficiary of the PhD Studentships of FCT - Fundação para a Ciência e a Tecnologia (PT). His job on the project focuses on public participation, Intra-Party democracy and gamification for citizen participation.

Latest Publications

Book Chapter

Allegretti, Giovanni; Meloni, Marco (2019), Il Bilancio Partecipativo oggi. Oltre il paradigma del New Public Management, in Di Marco, Carlo; Ricci, Fiammetta (Ed.) (org.), La partecipazione popolare e la crisi della sovranita' nel quadro euro-globale.Le sfide del multiculturalismo. Roma: Aracne

Book Chapter

Meloni, Marco; Allegretti, Giovanni; Antunes, Sofia (2018), Participlaying: a reflection on gamification techniques from the standpoint of Participatory Budgeting, in Nelson Dias (org.), Hope for democracy: 30 years of participatory budgeting worldwide. Faro: Epopeia Records, Oficina, 566-587