Rosa Monteiro


PhD in Sociology, University of Coimbra. Assistant Professor of the Instituto Superior Miguel Torga, and researcher at the Center for Social Sciences UC. The common theme in her body of work is the analysis of gender issues, especially in the domains of work, employment, organizations and public policies. She developed research on: Femininity in the shopfloor: sexual identities construction in the workplace; the experience of motherhood of working women, Working Mothers facing the Intensive Mothering Model. In recent years she has focused her research on equality policies, gender mainstreaming and equality mechanisms; she participated in the evaluation of the II and III National Plan for Equality. She integrated the team that produced the evaluation of the Integration of Gender Perspectives in Structural Funds - QREN and FEDER. In her PhD dissertation, entitled "State Feminism in Portugal: mechanisms, strategies, policies and metamorphosis", she developed a case study of the Portuguese main gender equality mechanism and its articulations with women movements and other political agents. She is also an expert adviser on several projects of equality plans in municipalities and NGO. She has several publications on these issues.

Latest Publications

Article in Scientific journal

Daniel, Fernanda Bento; Monteiro, Rosa; Jorge, Ferreira; Álvarez-Pérez, Pablo (2018), "Competencias éticas en la práctica profesional de las/los trabajadoras/es sociales con personas mayores", Papers. Revista de Sociologia, 103, 3

Article in Scientific journal

Monteiro, Rosa; Freitas, Vivalda; Daniel, Fernanda (2018), "Condições de trabalho num universo profissional feminizado", Revista Estudos Feministas, 26, 2, e34529

Article in Scientific journal

Monteiro, Rosa; Pereira, Marta; Daniel, Fernanda; Silva, Alexandre; Matos, Fatima (2017), "The influence of organizational reconciliation policies and culture on workers stress perceptions", BAR: Brazilian Administration Review, 14, 3, e170005