Sandra Silva Carvalho


Sandra Silva Carvalho has degree and master in Social and Organizational Psychology. In 2016 she completed her PhD in Democracy in the XXI Century at CES with a thesis focused on the functioning of Portuguese political parties with parliamentary representation in the period of 2009-2013. As a researcher she has participated, since 2001, in several research projects in different fields of the Social Sciences. Currently, she is a postdoctoral researcher at the URBiNAT project, coordinated by the CES. Her research interests are urban sustainability and permaculture, social inclusion, resilience and other economies. From 2013 to 2018 she integrated the Transition movement participating in the local initiative Coimbra em Transição and the national platform Transição Portugal.

Latest Publications

Book Chapter

Passos, Ana; Castro, Paula; Silva Carvalho, Sandra; Soares, Célia (2010), Self, Work and Career 
in a Changing Environment, in Patricia Vendramin (org.), Generations at Work and Social Cohesion in Europe. Bruxelas: P.I.E. Peter Lang, 221-250

Book Chapter

Leite Viegas, José Manuel; Carvalho, Sandra (2009), Deliberação democrática: as atitudes dos deputados e dos cidadãos, in André Freire e José Manuel Leite Viegas (org.), Representação política: O caso português em perspectiva comparada. Lisboa: Sextante Editora, 415-449

Article in Scientific journal

Lima, Luisa; Marques, Sibila; Batel, Susana; Silva Carvalho, Sandra; Haldon, Juana; Pornin, Stephanie (2007), "Estou mais seguro na minha cidade do que os outros: Identidade com o lugar e optimismo comparativo na percepção de riscos urbanos", Psicologia, número especial "Espaço, Risco e Comportamento Social", XXI, 2, 45-58