Hugo Gonçalves Dores


He obtained his BA in History (2005) and MA in Contemporary History (2009) at the Faculty of Letters - University of Lisbon. He was awarded his PhD in History in PIUDH (ICS - University of Lisbon), in 2014, with the thesis Uma Missão para o Império: política missionária e o "novo imperialismo" (1885-1926). Member of the Centre of Religious History Studies - Catholic University of Portugal (since 2011) and of the Consejo Academico de Estudios Afro-Hispanicos (UNED, Madrid) (since 2015). He was a visiting scholar at the Katholieke Universiteit Leuven (Belgium, 3011) and Brown University (United States, 2012). He participated in the international projects: Globiber - «Le renouveau impérial des États Ibériques: une globalisation originale? (1808-1930)», Casa de Velázquez (École des Hautes Études Hispaniques et Ibériques - Madrid) (2012-14) e «Internationalism and Empire: The Politics of Difference in the Portuguese Colonial Empire in Comparative Perspective (1920-1975)», ICS-UL (2012-15). He has been working on missions and empires (19th and 20th centuries), namely on imperial policies related to missions (both Catholic and Protestant) and its transnational dynamics, education, development and inter-imperial co-operation. His postdoctoral project - "Educating empires: international organizations, inter-imperial cooperation, and the educational policies in late colonialism" - studies the circulation of ideas and projects on education of African populations under colonial rule, exploring the role of the imperial administrations and inter-imperial and international organizations, such as the CCTA and UNESCO.

Latest Publications


Dores, Hugo Gonçalves (2021), Politics and Religion in the Portuguese Colonial Empire in Africa (1890-1930). Brighton & Eastbourne: Sussex Academic Press

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Book Chapter

Dores, Hugo Gonçalves (2021), Creating Catholics and Portuguese: the educational and civilizing role of Catholic missions in the Portuguese imperial project, in Jairzinho Lopes Pereira (org.), Missions of the Empire. The Church-State Relations in the European Colonial Empire (19th-20th centuries),. Londres: Palgrave Macmillan

Book Chapter

Dores, Hugo Gonçalves; Guardão, Ana Filipa; Jerónimo, Miguel Bandeira; Monteiro, José Pedro (2020), Trajectórias imperiais e os mundos do 'internacional': casos, dinâmicas e perspectivas, in Hugo Gonçalves Dores, Ana Filipa Guardião, Miguel Bandeira Jerónimo e José Pedro Monteiro (org.), Os Impérios do Internacional: Perspectivas, Genealogias e Processos. Coimbra: Almedina, 7-28