Advanced training

Advanced Training Courses

D'Alisa, Giacomo (2009), participation in THEMES Summer School Integrated Analysis of Complex, Adaptive Systems, Brighton, United Kingdom, University of Sussex, United Kingdom.

D'Alisa, Giacomo (2008), participation in Summer School Multi-Scale Integrated Analysis of Societal and Ecological Metabolism (MUSIASEM), Barcelona, Spain, Institute of Environmental Science and Technology, Autonomous University of Barcelona.

D'Alisa, Giacomo (2008), participation in THEMES Summer School Methods and Tools for Environmental Appraisal and Policy Formulation, Lisbon, New University of Lisbon.

D'Alisa, Giacomo (2007), participation in Summer School in Applied and Environmental Regulatory Economics, Foundation Teoboldo Fenoglio, Turin, Italy, Turin School of regulation, .

D'Alisa, Giacomo (2006), participation in Manager of Sustainable Development, Napoli , AIAB Campania.

D'Alisa, Giacomo (2006), participation in High Education Course in History of Ethics and Political Thoughts, Napoli, Italy, Italian Institute of Philosophical Studies.

Ph. D. Theses Supervisions

05-2016 - Ph. D. project co-supervision (with Giorgos Kallis and Eric Clark ) of " The neo-rural movement in the Mediterranean region ", by the author Rita Calvario.

Ongoing - Ph. D. project co-supervision (with Joan Martinez Alier and Louis Lemkow ) of " Environmental Justice Health Related conflicts ", by the author Grettel Naval, .

Master Theses Supervisions

04-2021 - master project supervision of "An economic vision for a Green New Deal without growth.", by the author Mario Diaz.

09-2020 - master project supervision of "Social and solidarity cooperation against agromafia. ", by the author De Vita Ilaria.

09-2019 - master project supervision of "Radio Cuerpa: relatos de cuidado, activismo y ecofeminismo. ", by the author Avirama A.M. Cartagena A.

09-2018 - master project co-supervision (with Claudio Cattaneo and Giacomo D'Alisa ) of "Cycling Towards a Convivial City: Experiences from Barcelona ", by the author Peter Taylor.

09-2016 - master project supervision of " Degrowth movement and the claims of non hetero-normative gender identities", by the author Helena Sanz Requejo.

09-2016 - master project supervision of "Greening Barcelona and the marginalization of the LGBT+", by the author Jun Shimada .

09-2016 - master project supervision of "Political Ecology of forest management in Georgia", by the author Vakhtang Kochoradze .

02-2016 - master project supervision of " Caring in urban Space, the case of children care-sharing in Barcelona Spain ", by the author Sara Pierallini.

09-2012 - master project supervision of "Cambiar estilos de vida insostenibles con la acción comunitaria: los Grupos de Consumo Ecológico en Cataluña como caso de estudio", by the author Ruben Suriñach Padilla. .