Academic and professional activities

2018-10-25 - Seminar: Degrowth and its political articulation "Vrije" University of Amsterdam

2018-01-19 - Lecture: Degrowth and the State

2017-12-14 - Public Seminar, Degrowth in the European semi-periphery, Faculty of social science, University of Ljubljana, Slovenia

2017-12-12 - Public Seminar, Degrowth and the State, Showroom Galerije Nova, Zagreb, Croatia

2017-10-20 - Public Seminar, The Political Ecology of Waste in Naples, Italy Universidade Federal Fulminense, Niteroi, Rio de Janeiro, Brasil

2017-10-16 - Public Seminar, Degrowth: Transforming the centre The Pontifical Catholic University of Rio de Janeiro

2017-09-20 - Public Workshop, Degrowth, Caring and Commoning, Ljubljana, Slovenia

2017-07-06 to 2017-07-07 - Workshop, Degrowth and the politicization of environmental changes Borgo Futuro, Ripe San Ginesio, Italia

2017-02-10 - Public Seminar, Degrowth and the decolonial project, SESC, Sao Paolo, Brasil

2016-08 - Seminar, Degrowth and Gender, Green Academy summer school, Vis, Croatia

2016-07 - Public Seminar, Degrowth view. ATTAC Catalonia summer School, Barcelona, Spain

2016-04 - Public Seminar, Nature, Society and Politics, Institute of Catalan Studies, Barcelona, Spain

Other Activities

2017-09-28 - Book Presentation, Degrowth a vocabulary for a new world. CES Lisbon, University of Coimbra

2017-09-11 - Book Presentation, Degrowth: a vocabulary for a new era, Ljubljana, Slovenia

2016-10 - Book Presentation, Degrowth a vocabulary for a new world. Federal University of Rio de Janeiro, Brasil

2016-10 - Book Presentation, Degrowth a way out the multiple crises we live in. Federal University of Bahia, Brasil

2016-10 - Book Presentation, Degrowth for Brasil? Federal University of Brasilia, Brasil

2016-04 - Invited Speaker - Waste between Growth and Degrowth, University of Naples " Parthenope", Italy

2016-04 - Invited Speaker - What kind of Economy? 4th International Seminar of planetary cohabitation, Barcelona, Spain

2016-03 - Invited Speaker - Circular Economy and the unbearable heaviness of growth, Lund University, Sweden

2016-03 - Invited Speaker - The nexus of a degrowth vision: personal sobriety and social dépense, Lund University, Sweden

2016-01 - Invited Speaker - The pre-analytics of commons, SOAS, London, United Kingdom

2014-09 - Plenary Speaker - Degrowth what? An Introduction. Opening Session, 4th International Conference on Degrowth Leipzig.

2014-04 - Invited Speaker - Wasting Naples, Tales from Planet Earth. Organized by KTH Environmental Humanities Laboratory in collaboration with The Nobel Museum film festival Film and Science

2014-02 - Invited Speaker - Accumulation by contamination: the Practice of Cost-Shifting of Illegal Waste Dumping, University of Rome "La Sapienza", Italy

2013-12 - Invited Speaker - The Political Ecology of Waste in Campania, Universtiy of Rome "Tor Vergata", Italy

2013-10 - Inivited Speaker - The Political Ecology of Waste: Accumulation by Contamination in Campania, University of Ferrara, Italy

2013-02 - Plenary speaker, Unsustainable future: the political ecology of waste management in Campania, University of Naples " Parthenope", Naples, Italy