Giacomo D'Alisa


Political ecologist at the Centre for Social Studies at the University of Coimbra, Portugal, granted with the FCT Post-Doc Fellowship for a 3-years project on the Commons. I have been working as Senior Researcher at the Croatian Institute of Political Ecology, for launching a research line on Degrowth for Eastern Europe. Trained in Italy (Ph.D., 2010), I crafted my interdisciplinary talents while building my international profile during my visit stay (1,5 years) at the Institute of Environmental Science and Technology (UAB), Spain, and 2 short stays in top-tier Universities in Portugal (New University of Lisbon) and United Kingdom (University of Sussex). I am at the core of the Degrowth scholarship; at ICTA-UAB together with other scientists I launched an internationally acclaimed research program on degrowth and environmental justice. My edited book on the topic is considered a landmark publication (Routledge 2014, 10 translations, 380 citations in Google Scholar). I employ political theory alongside quantitative models of societal and ecological metabolism to critically understand the socio-ecological predicaments of economic growth. I also use innovative framework to investigate alternatives for change. I have a first-rate publication record and impact (JCR 2017, IF=68.376)I have published 49 scientific items, 15 peer-reviewed papers (9 in Q1), a commentary in the prestigious journal Nature, and 10 book chapters (Routledge, Palgrave). My IF is 68.38 (JCR). In Scopus my H index is 8, my 17 documents are cited 268 times; Researchgate, 31 research items 403 citations and 12,643 reads ; Google Scholar 1023 cit., H index is 13 and i10 index is 16. I co-supervised 2 Ph.D. (1 ongoing) and supervised 6 MSc theses. I presented tens of papers in international conference, delivered talks as invited speaker (twice as Keynote Speaker) and lectures in many European countries and Brazil. I have been Co-PI - Deputy Director of a large-scale FP7 EU-funded project (ENTITLE, €3,65 M; partners in Europe, Middle-East and Latin America); I have participated in 3 more EU projects (Horizon 2020; FP7, LIFE+).

Latest Publications

Book Chapter

D'Alisa, Giacomo (2019), Degrowth, in Boaventura de Sousa Santos Maria Paula Meneses Mara Bicas Susana de Noronha René Ramírez (org.), Dicionario Alice. CES / ALICE

Book Chapter

D'Alisa, Giacomo (2019), Circular Economy, in Kothari A., Salleh A., Escobar A., Demaria F. and Acosta (org.), A. Pluriverse: a Post-Development dictionary.. Auf, Authors up front

Book Chapter

Aillon J.L.; G. D'Alisa (2019), Our affluence is killing us: What degrowth offers health and wellbeing, in K. Zywert and S.Quilley (org.), Health in the Anthropocene: Living Well on a Finite Planet. University of Toronto Press