Giacomo D'Alisa


I am a political ecological economist with interdisciplinary skills. I am capable of handling complex political theory (such as Gramsci`s theory of the State) alongside quantitative models of societal and ecological metabolism (such as the MuSIASEM accounting system). I have been advancing together with prominent social scientists being a core member of the Barcelona school of environmental justice and degrowth. I have been crafting my interdisciplinary talents while building an international profile; I can combine competencies and skills that are in short supply. My academic work employs critical and innovative framework drawn from ecological economics, political theory, integrate assessment and urban political ecology to investigate changes in the societal metabolic patterns and the consequent environmental injustice they can generate. I have a first-rate publication record and impact (JCR 2017, IF=68.376) for the current stage of my career (35 overall: 15 peer-reviewed papers, 10 book chapters, 10 national papers); having 9 papers published in journal ranked in the first quartile (Q1) of SJR; and an edited book that is being a publishing success with 10 translations following the first edition in English. My 15 documents available in Scopus totalize 183 citations; my H index is 6 (05/01/2018). However, the metrics expand looking at different scholar platform: in Researchgate my works reach 283 citations and 6,316 reads; in Google Scholar my total citations are 633, my H index and i10-index are both 9.

Latest Publications

Article in Scientific journal

García López, Gustavo A.; Velicu, Irina; D?Alisa, Giacomo (2017), "Performing Counter-Hegemonic Common(s) Senses: Rearticulating Democracy, Community and Forests in Puerto Rico", Capitalism Nature Socialism, 28, 3, 88-107

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Article in Scientific journal

Villamayor, Sergio; D'Alisa, Giacomo; García López, Gustavo (2017), "La teoria dels comuns: algunes notes per a la renovació des de l'ecologia política", Nou Horizon, 215

Article in Scientific journal

D'Alisa, Giacomo; Germani, Anna Rita; Falcone, Pasquale; Morone, Piergiuseppe (2017), "Political ecology of health in the Land of Fires: a hotspot of environmental crimes in the south of Italy", Journal of Political Ecology, 24, 59 - 86