Eduardo Homem da Costa


Eduardo Antonio Resende Homem da Costa is a postdoctoral researcher at the Centre for Social Studies of the University of Coimbra (POSTRADE - Research Group on Social Policies, Labour and Inequalities), with research on the legislative discourse on contemporary forms of slavery in Portugal. Ph.D. in Social Policy from Federal Fluminense University (Brazil), he is the author of two books and several chapters and articles about corporate social responsibility, sustainability, NGOs, citizenship, human rights and precarity and labour. He has extensive experience as a teacher in undergraduate, graduate and professional training courses, in addition to working as a consultancy, coordinator, management and director in educational institutions and NGOs. His current research interests are focused on corporate and state discursive behaviour in relation to forms of labour exploitation. His work addresses on issues related to corporate social responsibility, sustainability, NGOs, diversity, citizenship, human rights and labour.

Latest Publications

Book Chapter

Homem da Costa, Eduardo (2020), A política de combate ao trabalho análogo ao escravo no Brasil, in J.B.H. Góis & S.C. Souza (org.), Temas de Política Social. Curitiba: Editora CRV, 215-254

Book Chapter

Homem da Costa, Eduardo; Góis, João Bosco Hora (2020), Combate ao trabalho escravo no Brasil no campo conservador, in M.C.M. Senna; R.C.S. Freitas; C.A.S. Moraes (org.), Política Social no Brasil: sujeitos, trajetórias e institucionalidades. Curitiba: Editora CRV, 179-202

Article in Scientific journal

Homem da Costa, Eduardo (2019), "Reflexões sobre o trabalho análogo ao escravo no Brasil contemporâneo", Revista Augustus, 24, 47, 127-146