Cláudia Castelo


Claudia Castelo is a postdoctoral researcher in the WUD project - The Worlds of (Under) Development: Processes and Legacies of the Portuguese Colonial Empire in Comparative Perspective (1945-1975). She holds a degree in History (1992) and a master's degree in History of the 19th and 20th Century (1997) from the Universidade Nova de Lisboa, and a PhD in Social Sciences - specialization in Historical Sociology (2005) from the University of Lisbon. She is also postgraduate in Archives (University of Lisbon, 1999). Between 2009 and 2013 she was assistant researcher at the Tropical Scientific Research Institute, where she developed an oral history project on the scientific missions to the Portuguese colonies. From 2014 to 2018, she was a FCT researcher at the University of Lisbon's Interuniversity Center for the History of Science and Technology, where she directed the project "Field Scientists in the 'Luso-Tropical Setting': Knowledge, Ideology and Governance in Late Portuguese Empire" (IF / 00519/2013). She has been studying of the circulation of people, ideas and scientific knowledge within the modern Portuguese colonial empire.

Latest Publications

Book Chapter

Castelo, Cláudia (2019), Gilberto Freyre's concept of miscegenation and its circulation in the Portuguese Empire (1930s-1960s), in Warwick Anderson, Ricardo Roque, Ricardo Ventura Santos (org.), Luso-Tropicalism and its Discontents: The Making and Unmaking of Racial Exceptionalism. Nova Iorque e Oxford: Berghahn Books, 23-44

Article in Scientific journal

Ágoas, Frederico; Castelo, Cláudia (2019), "Ciências Sociais, diplomacia e colonialismo tardio: a participação portuguesa na Comissão Técnica na África ao Sul do Sara", Estudos Históricos, 67, 409-428

Article in Scientific journal

Castelo, Cláudia; Marques Alves, Vera (2019), "Sobre a distância entre a 'situação colonial' em Moçambique e o luso-tropicalismo. Carta de António Rita Ferreira para Jorge Dias com artigo anexo", Etnográfica, 23, 2, 417-438