Scientific Events

Presentations in scientific events

Araújo, Tatiana Daré (2017), "Peace, Security and Development: A view from the Global South.", paper presented at "Peacebuilding during an age of crisis", Univerity of Manchester, 23 to 30 September.

Araújo, Tatiana Daré (2017), ""Local governance beyond post-liberal peace: resistance and power relations in Latin American context."", paper presented at Law and Development Research Conference: A View from the Global South, University of Antwerp, 19 to 22 September.

Araújo, Tatiana Daré; Vieira, Maurício (2017), "Negligenciados: (re)interpretar os conceitos 'invisíveis', oprimidos' e subalternos'", paper presented at 4to Congreso Latinoamericano y Caribeño de Ciencias Sociales, University of Salamanca, 16 to 19 July.

Araújo, Tatiana Daré (2017), " Peace for locals and peace by locals: the role of Community Justice Program in promoting peace in slums and poor urban neighborhoods in Brazil.", paper presented at "Democracy and Participation in the 21st Century", the Lisbon School of Economics & Management (ISEG), 12 to 15 July.

Araújo, Tatiana Daré (2017), "Bodies of power: Analysis of the liberal governance model through power discourses about global fear. ", paper presented at Beyond Borders - people, spaces, ideas. , Universidade Autônoma de Lisboa, 17 to 19 May.

Araújo, Tatiana Daré (2017), "Community Justice and Liberal Peace: (dis)entangling the links.", paper presented at Engaging with the outside: from theory to practice and back., University of Coimbra, 26 to 28 April.

Araújo, Tatiana Daré (2017), "Governança Securitária: aportes teóricos e metodológicos sobre o Programa Justiça Comunitária no Brasil.", paper presented at CÁTEDRA JEAN MONNET:EU RELATIONS TO THE EAST, University of Coimbra, 26 to 28 April.

Araújo, Tatiana Daré (2016), "Woman for Peace: conciliation or contradiction?", paper presented at Legacies of the Tricontinental. Imperialism, Resistance, Law., Coimbra, 22 to 24 September.

Araújo, Tatiana Daré (2014), "Responsabilidade e Julgamento: vítimas e perpetradores na ditadura e na democracia.", paper presented at II Encontro da Academia Hannah Arendt, Rio de Janeiro, 06 to 06 December.